December 2015

    • Make your gift go farther this month ─ join our $1 Million Challenge today!
    • Wildlife photo study shifts to new stage
    • Mark your calendar: Jan. 24, 6:30pm Sears Point Wetland Restoration featured on Doug McConnell’s “Open Road”

November 2015

    • We’re close to protecting Estero Ranch
    • The map of San Francisco Bay changed after our levee breach
    • Casting seed balls into the newly filled tidal basin

October 2015

    • We are creating a SEA CHANGE at Sears Point!
    • Mountains + Molehills = A fun new blog
    • Another big step for the Southeast Greenway project

September 2015

    • Draft SDC Closure Plan released: more questions than answers
    • Helping Sonoma Valley’s wildlife thrive
    • Natural catastrophes and the human-animal bond

August 2015

    • Animals go under bridges to cross busy Sonoma Valley
    • Tell the State how important SDC’s natural lands are to Sonoma County
    • Two new additions to Sonoma Land Trust staff

July 2015

    • Registering your ideas and concerns about SDC closure plan
    • Santa Rosa premiere screening of OR7 ─ The Journey!
    • Growing a perennial grassland

June 2015

    • Walking the wildlife corridor at Sonoma Valley Regional Park
    • Gearing up for change — SDC closure a reality
    • More On the Land offerings than ever this summer

May 2015

    • “In Sonoma, anything is possible.”
    • Assessing SDC’s natural resources
    • SLT joins quest for Southeast Greenway

April 2015

    • Dave Koehler is on board!
    • Creating a safe crossing under Highway 37 for wildlife
    • Moving forward on GRI despite setback

March 2015

    • Elusive American badger sighted on Sonoma Mountain
    • SLT’s On the Land program honored with award
    • Saying good-bye to a beloved supporter

February 2015

    • Protecting a 30,000-acre forest
    • Tree planting at Sears Point
    • Celebrating our Local Heroes and the art of nature

January 2015

    • December rains create new landscape at Sears Point
    • Introducing our interim executive director
    • Have you seen any of these critters in Sonoma County?


December 2014

    • Thank you for a wonderful year!
    • Help your Land Trust meet the $1 million challenge! Give a gift that will give for generations
    • Water is flowing in Stuart Creek
    • Farming the new levee at Sears Point

November 2014

    • A big shout out to our volunteers!
    • A special place, a special gift
    • SLT markets donated property to conservation-minded buyers
    • Research on our land shows that deer extend empathy to deer and other speciesLegislative tour of Sears Point wetlands restoration

October 2014

    • We protected the Curreri property in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor!
    • It’s not easy finding a redwood when you need it
    • Fine-tuning grazing and razing weeds during drought

September 2014

    • Wetland construction well under way
    • Helping the steelhead spawn this winter
    • Saving the animal highways
    • Food + action = A healthier system

August 2014

    • Unpaving the way for steelhead in Stuart Creek
    • Saving a tree in downtown Santa Rosa!
    • Sunrise Rotary enhances Glen Oaks Ranch
    • Water Bond promises new funding for Sonoma conservation projects

July 2014

    • Ralph Benson retiring after 11 years and the protecting of 33,000 acres
    • Our summer outings are in full swing!
    • Priceless auction lot to benefit Sonoma Land Trust
    • Connecting with our sister land trust in Chile

June 2014

    • We’ve saved Pole Mountain, the highest point on the Sonoma Coast!
    • Breaking ground on Sears Point wetland restoration
    • Plane crash on Tolay Creek Ranch remembered by family, friends
    • Impact100 Sonoma awards $20,000 to SLT for work on Sonoma Developmental Center future

May 2014

    • We’re nearing the top of Pole Mountain!
    • Saying good-bye to longtime staffer Georgiana Hale
    • Keeping Little Black Mountain’s trail in shape
    • Sharing what we’ve learned

April 2014

    • Money for marsh mounds at Sears Point
    • Supervisors unite to protect Sonoma
    • Developmental Center services and land
    • More trail crew volunteers needed

March 2014

    • $700,000 grant from State for steelhead
    • Welcoming new board member Scott Hintz
    • Meeting members of our “sister land trust” in Chile
    • Congratulations to Anne Teller!

February 2014

    • Baylands properties transferred to National Wildlife Refuge
    • Nature shows some muscle at Little Black Mountain
    • Sonoma Developmental Center takes center stage
    • Kids tackle treeless landscape at Sears Point

January 2014

    • Your land trust — on the move!
    • Meet our new logo
    • Restoration award
    • Creating habitat for marsh animals

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