December 2019

  • 10 years with the Jenner Headlands
  • New report! Bird monitoring at Sears Point
  • Mark your calendar for Obi Kaufmann!

November 2019

  • Check out our new Conservation Cocktails guide!
  • The state of the land after the Kincade Fire
  • Kids and climate change

October 2019

  • We’re national award winners!
  • $1 million challenge
  • Q&A with a wildlife camera specialist

September 2019

  • Join us at MarshFest
  • Defending our future at the Climate Strike
  • Welcome, Eamon!

August 2019

  • Saying good-bye to Dave
  • DEI plan adopted
  • Remembering Ted Eliot

July 2019

  • Greenway moves forward
  • Celebrating art in nature
  • Photo contest

June 2019

  • Honoring Anne Teller
  • $700k grant for SDC land
  • Summer sunset hikes

May 2019

  • Landmark decision for conservation law
  • Bear on video
  • Celebrate with us at Child in the Wild!

April 2019

  • $1 million grant secured for Sonoma Valley fire management
  • Free hiking guide
  • Wildlife are using Bear Canyon Wildlands

March 2019

  • Haire Ranch becomes wetland
  • Important land for wildlife added to Hood Mountain park
  • Six weeks of Bay Camp!

February 2019

  • Starcross Monastic Community’s coastal property now protected forever
  • Celebrate Sonoma Mountain at book release
  • Special farmer wanted

January 2019

  • Land Trust receives donation of stunning wild property
  • We have a brand new website
  • Thanks to you, we met our challenge!


December 2018

  • Land in Mark West watershed protected forever
  • $1 million end-of-year challenge
  • Please welcome our new chief financial officer!

November 2018

  • $1 million end-of-year challenge
  • Safety first on the Sea to Sky Trail
  • Thank you, Sonoma Development Center

October 2018

  • Honoring the Sonoma Development Center
  • A year after the fires
  • Learning along the levee

September 2018

  • Volunteers greatly needed for Measure M – Parks for All
  • Making art on protected lands
  • Pole Mountain and Jenner Headlands – now open!

August 2018

  • Jenner Headlands and Pole Mountain are opening to the public!
  • Vote YES on Measure M for Parks for All
  • New life springing from the ashes

July 2018

  • Supervisors introduce Regional Parks measure
  • Children enjoy year two of Bay Camp
  • Barbara Kingsolver is coming to Sonoma County! Land Trust co-hosts event with Copperfield’s

June 2018

  • Thankful for good neighbors
  • New technology captures fish biology at Sears Point
  • Weed whacking for fire suppression

May 2018

  • Election Day Reminder: Vote for Prop. 68 on June 5!
  • Neighbors gather on Little Black Mountain
  • Like son, like father

April 2018

  • Land conservation on Capitol Hill
  • New snake observed at Glen Oaks Ranch
  • Measure AA funding secured for the Baylands

March 2018

  • Celebrating 35 years with Reta
  • Bay Camp registration is now open!
  • Sonoma Clean Power is a new partner in conservation

February 2018

  • Campaign for parks and clean water ballot measure launches statewide
  • A partnership for land protection along Coleman Valley Creek
  • New levee markers will help birds

January 2018

  • Hawk release at Sears Point
  • Art along the Estero
  • New business partners program