Goals For Your Property

Goals for Your Property

Our land protection staff will work with you to better understand your goals for your property, conduct an assessment of the natural resource values of your land, and gain an understanding of your financial objectives, including income and estate tax planning. Depending on your objectives, there are different approaches and transaction types. Sometimes, the concern is over encroaching development, a generational shift in family ownership, or financial considerations coupled with a desire to leave a legacy of conservation. Here are some examples of success stories:

I’ve watched Sonoma Land Trust grow from the beginning and admired their conservation work. It’s an institution in which we can have confidence because of their commitment. Even if it’s just one piece of the puzzle, protecting this property will provide a refuge in the face of an uncertain future.

Ray Krauss, conservation easement landowner

It’s been a pleasure working with the Land Trust. They’ve got a great reputation in the community and we feel so lucky. We believe this land is sacred and we’ll do everything we can to protect it.

Sister Julie DeRossi, co-founder of Starcross Monastic Community