Our Mission and Vision

Land Is the Heart of the Community

In Sonoma County, it’s all about the land. Sonoma Land Trust believes that the land is the heart of the community, and that when our land is healthy, our community is healthy.

Sonoma Land Trust is a local, non-governmental, nonprofit organization funded largely by membership contributions. The Land Trust works closely with private landowners, Sonoma Ag + Open Space and other public agencies at all levels of government, nonprofit partners and foundations. Sonoma Land Trust is a member of the California Council of Land Trusts and is accredited by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission. Since 1976, Sonoma Land Trust has protected nearly 58,000 acres of beautiful, productive and environmentally significant land in and around Sonoma County.

Our county is one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse counties in the United States. We believe it is a treasure that should be enjoyed by our community and protected for future generations. From acquiring land and conservation easements to restoring land and the natural properties on which we depend, to protecting land for wildlife and recreation, we work tirelessly to find ways to preserve the beauty and vitality of Sonoma County. Additionally, we engage the community in the importance and value of this work through outdoor activities and outreach.

We maintain a diverse and expansive network of partnerships to accomplish a wide range of projects. Thanks to the generosity of those who trust in our work, we have been carrying out this mission for more than 45 years.

Our Mission

Sonoma Land Trust partners with local communities to protect the open, natural, and working lands and waters of Sonoma County to secure healthy and thriving futures for all.

Our Vision

By 2030, Sonoma Land Trust will have protected and restored tens of thousands of acres of land to nurture resilient, adaptable habitats and open space for everyone.