Conserving Interconnected Landscapes
Safeguarding wildlife strongholds and biodiversity

During this campaign, we acquired nearly 9,000 acres across 14 projects in Sonoma County, ensuring they are conserved forever. 

Money raised during the campaign also helped us manage our 19 preserves and monitor 47 conservation easements on private property, which comprise some of the most ecologically important and beautiful land in the county. 

Returning good fire to the land

250+ acres of prescribed fire in Sonoma Valley with partners

Saving a biodiversity hotspot

Protected a property with vernal pools and 300+ plant species

Advocating for state park expansion

650 acres of SDC’s open space transferred

Helping wildlife

Protected critical segments of 85-mile wildlife corridor creating safe passages

Mighty in numbers

5,661 individuals and 58 foundations supported the campaign

A Legacy of the Land

George Hellyer & Ira Yeager

George and Ira were a generous, talented couple who met in their thirties and shared a lifetime of love and adventure. They were loyal supporters of Sonoma Land Trust, sending annual donations beginning in 1980.

George was a lawyer, author, farmer, and potter. Ira was a very successful artist and a consummate host. They owned land across the Bay Area, including homes in Sea Ranch and San Francisco and a ranch in Calistoga. The couple named Sonoma Land Trust in their estate plans, and after they passed, we received approximately $8 million. This is the largest planned gift the Land Trust has ever received.

Planning for the Future

We consider it the ultimate honor to be included in estate plans and take this responsibility very seriously.

To date 220 households have joined the Legacy League, a special circle that recognizes those who have included us in their estate plans. Many have named Sonoma Land Trust as the beneficiary of their Donor Advised Funds, IRA’s, life insurance policies, or stocks. To learn more, contact Camille Mattson at To our Legacy League members, and you, should you choose to join them, thank you for strengthening and ensuring the future of Sonoma Land Trust’s work.

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