How Your Gift
Makes a Difference


Shannon Nichols
Director of Philanthropy
(707) 526-6930 ext. 140

When you donate to Sonoma Land Trust, you support a beautiful and biodiverse Sonoma County for our entire community for generations to come. Your donation allows us to honor our commitments, conduct our business ethically and remain true to our purpose. With your help, we can keep the land of Sonoma County beautiful, wild and working. It takes a lot of people, partners and support to achieve our landscape-scale efforts, which is why we embrace partnerships and philanthropy as essential elements of our work. We strive to treat all people with whom we work with dignity and respect, and embrace collaboration to achieve our mission. We encourage everyone to know about their rights and responsibilities as supporters of Sonoma Land Trust, and we are most happy when people call us to talk about their philanthropy vision, goals or questions, or to provide feedback.