Public Access and The Jenner Headlands






The Sonoma Land Trust is committed to balancing the protection of sensitive resources with public use.

During the first two years, the Sonoma Land Trust will conduct natural and cultural resource studies and develop a public access plan that balances public use with the protection of the property’s scenic, biologic and cultural resources. During this initial phase of ownership, access to the Jenner Headlands will be provided via guided hikes only. These hikes will be led by staff from the Sonoma Land Trust and our partner organizations. For your safety, and that of the resources we are entrusted with protecting, please don’t visit the property on your own during this time. As we learn more about the unique resources and obtain feedback from our partners, hike participants and the community, we will work to provide broader, multi-use public access. The Land Trust will begin conducting guided hikes in January 2010. From January–March, SLT will offer a hike each month along the coastal headlands. This strenuous 3.5-mile roundtrip hike will ascend more than 700 feet in elevation to a rocky hilltop within the coastal prairie portion of the Headlands. Along the way, hikers will be greeted with dazzling views of the Sonoma Coast (on clear days!). Although this route will follow old ranch roads, some sections are especially rough with uneven footing. This hike is not for inexperienced hikers — you must be in good physical condition and sturdy hiking boots with ankle support are strongly recommended. Starting in April, 2010, we will offer a greater number of hikes so that people can experience the amazing wildflower displays found on serpentine soils of the coastal headlands. The unique properties of these soils — which include higher levels of heavy metals and low amounts of available nutrients — provide a refuge for native plants that have evolved to deal with these harsh conditions. Recent non-native plant invaders to the grasslands have a hard time establishing in these serpentine areas and the result is an astonishing display of mostly native spring wildflowers throughout the months of April, May and June. Keep checking our Web site for an updated hike schedule. We will also endeavor to list hikes presented by our partner organizations.

Hikes Schedule

Hikes on the Jenner Headlands will be led by staff from the Sonoma Land Trust and our recreational partner organizations. Due to limited parking, hike groups are limited to a maximum of 20 people per hike. Please review the outings schedule here and choose the date you would like to hike the property. We look forward to sharing this stunning landscape with you!