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Map link to interactive mapIf you are lucky enough to live in or have visited Sonoma County, you know that it is a collection of distinct regions, each with its own geographic characteristics and history. Since its founding in 1976, Sonoma Land Trust has protected nearly 50,000 acres in and around Sonoma County that reflect this diversity of landscapes. Just as the lands are diverse, so too are the tools the Land Trust uses to protect them.

Anchor Preserves

Sonoma Land Trust uses the term “anchor preserve” to identify properties we own and manage and which give us a visible presence in the region of Sonoma County in which the land is located. We consider these preserves foundations for ongoing land protection efforts for the Land Trust and our wide spectrum of partners. The Anchor Preserves are: Little Black Mountain in Cazadero; White Rock, west of the Alexander Valley; Laufenburg Ranch in Knights Valley; Glen Oaks Ranch and Secret Pasture in the Stuarts Creek Watershed in Glen Ellen; the Estero Americano south of Bodega Bay; and the Baylands between the Petaluma River and Tolay Creek. (The Land Trust owns and manages properties in addition to the Anchor Preserves.)

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are another tool used by Sonoma Land Trust to protect the land. They are voluntary, legal agreements between private landowners and the Land Trust designed to preserve in perpetuity the conservation values of the specific land they cover. Conservation values can include productive agricultural land, forest land, scenic areas and natural and wild land.

Other Land Protection Projects

In addition to owning land and holding conservation easements, the Land Trust works with a variety of agencies and partner organizations to protect and restore key properties throughout the county. Activities include coordinating restoration and trail projects, assisting with the transfer of protected lands to public agencies, and interim land management.

To learn more about each of the lands protected by Sonoma Land Trust, click on the properties on the interactive map.


Just as the lands are diverse, so too are the tools the Land Trust uses to protect them.




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Check out our latest video

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