Santa Rosa’s Own Central Park

The objective of the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway initiative is to acquire and transform what is now a two-mile vacant and defunct freeway right-of-way owned by Caltrans and currently closed to the public into a new, 47-acre urban greenway park and open space for the largest city in Sonoma County.

What is now a neglected, abandoned property would become the City’s own “Central Park,” threaded with paths for cyclists and pedestrians and populated with community gardens, pocket parks, art displays and new opportunities for outdoor play and education for nearby, underserved schools.

The Greenway vision began in 2009 when community members recognized that this vacant property could, one day, be transformed into a greenway for Santa Rosa and formed the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway Campaign. The project is now led by a strategic coalition of agency and nonprofit partners, including the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Land Trust, Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Regional Parks, LandPaths and the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway Campaign.

Our Opportunity

We have the opportunity to create a two-mile-long greenway in the heart of Santa Rosa. The Greenway will offer many environmental and social benefits, providing thousands of city residents with access to a park within a 10-minute walk from their homes. It will connect Santa Rosa’s beloved three-park complex (Spring Lake Regional Park, Howarth City Park and Trione-Annadel State Park) and the Sonoma Valley Trail to nearby diverse, high-density urban communities for the first time, and also provide safe, car-free access to other adjourning pedestrian thoroughfares. The latter include the SMART rail line in downtown Santa Rosa, the Prince Memorial Greenway and West County trails, as well as easy access to nearby schools, workplaces and major shopping centers.

In addition, the Greenway will provide a unique opportunity to restore part of Santa Rosa’s natural world by restoring creeks and wildlife habitat.

Project documents for the Greenway, including the proposal as adopted through the City of Santa Rosa’s General Plan Amendment, can be viewed here.

Additional Resources

To learn more about the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway or for ways to get involved, visit the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway Campaign website at