Press Release

Sonoma Land Trust recognized as a best place to work for the second time!

Sep 12, 2023

Sonoma Land Trust, a leader in land conservation, restoration, and climate resilience, was awarded the North Bay Business Journal’s 2023 Best Places to Work for the second time.

For 47 years, the accredited nonprofit has held a foundational role in conserving the region’s most valuable resources with a commitment to fostering a highly engaged, respected, and equitable work environment.

Over 85 percent of the staff voluntarily participated in the survey which provided the data NBBJ used to evaluate the organization’s culture, professional development, satisfaction, and overall wellbeing.

When asked, “What makes your company great?” the staff responded with:

Our commitment to DEI extends to more than just words. We’re consistently moving towards a more inclusive organization and implementing work that provides equitable access to outdoor spaces and environmental/conservation education.”

“It’s a mission oriented and focused nonprofit that also values and respects their employees. We accomplish large goals and projects while simultaneously supporting the people that make it happen.”

“The people who work here steadfastly in pursuit of a mission of health for both the land and the communities who depend on the services the land provides”

“People are the heart of every great organization. Their energy and expertise breathe life into the work,” said Eamon O’Byrne, executive director. “For decades, Sonoma Land Trust has been recognized as an exceptional place to work. Our mission-driven focus on environmental conservation and habitat restoration creates a sense of purpose and unites like-minded professionals.”

The surveyed staff averaged 5.27 years at the organization, with the longest held tenure being 19 years. The organization also has low turnover rates, which is an indication of how staff feel about the value of their work and their connection to the mission, as well as their confidence in the organization’s future.

The country is experiencing a notable increase in employee burn-out and disengagement which is something experts say can be reduced by providing clear and transparent communications, appreciation and respect for an employee’s contributions, and a sense of fairness and openness for shared ideas and opinions. Sonoma Land Trust received high marks in each of these categories.

Staff members were quoted in the survey as saying:

I appreciate how Sonoma Land Trust has great communication in both directions – up and down – about where we are going and what we need to get there as an organization. It feels like staff are given many opportunities to influence the direction of their own work, and the organization.”

It’s great to have an Executive Director who cares for the nature, community, and staff. And is ready to invest in the development of employees!”

Sonoma Land Trust is growing and new opportunities are available in their land acquisition, stewardship, community engagement, and philanthropy departments. If you’re interested in joining their team in a best place to work environment, visit for more information.