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Level Ratings

  1. Mostly flat with well-maintained trails
  2. Some inclines with good trails or mostly flat with less developed trails
  3. Some steep inclines and/or no trails
  4. Steep routes with questionable trails and fearless hike leaders


Jenner Headlands Hikes

The Jenner Headlands is located just north of where the Russian River meets the sea. The property stretches along 2.5 miles of coastline with its western boundary delineated by Highway 1 and running from the coastal resort town of Jenner, north to Russian Gulch. The acquisition of this amazing 5,630 acre property was made possible through a multi-partner effort which includes the Sonoma Land Trust and The Wildlands Conservancy partnering to manage the property and the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District holding a conservation easement over the property, securing its safety forever.

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