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Your Gifts in Action

Our work depends on the extraordinary generosity of those who are committed to the urgent work of permanently protecting the beautiful open lands that define Sonoma County. Donations ensure that the natural beauty of our community is protected today and for generations to come. Here are a few examples:

Photo from the top of Sonoma Mountain RanchProtected Forever: The Top of Sonoma Mountain

Donations made possible the purchase of the 283-acrea Sonoma Mountain Ranch in record time — three and a half months, to be exact. Thanks to donors to our Land Protection Fund, we were able to respond to this unexpected opportunity by making an immediate $125,000 down payment on the $9,975,000 purchase contract. Working in concert with the Open Space District, and with the nimbleness that our independent, nonprofit status affords, we beat out a competing offer and completed the purchase without delay.

Wild flower outingPublic Access & Outings

Donations provide the funding for public outings in every region of the county and at every skill level. Outings range from rugged mountain scrambles to raptor watching, botanical hikes, landscape photography venues and tours of local agricultural operations.

Land Stewardship and Conservation Easements

Photo: monitoring at the Estero AmericanoFrom erosion control projects and trail work to native seed propagation and invasive plant removal, donations provide the resources to ensure that the land is protected forever. Working in teams of three, our Conservation Monitors visit more than 40 protected properties each year. Monitors hike more than 10,000 acres of protected land to take photos, complete reports and identify issues of concern for our stewardship department.


If we are to preserve our quality of life for the next generation, we must act now to protect the signature landscapes of Sonoma County before they are changed forever.

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